If you have a boiler, you should schedule regular boiler maintenance in Leawood, KS from qualified and professional technicians. Our experienced professionals at Air Care Heating & Cooling would be happy to perform this task for you. Servicing keeps your boiler in good working condition and extends its useful life.

    Boiler Maintenance in Leawood, KS

    Make sure you schedule a boiler tune-up at least once per year to get the most out of your equipment. A well-functioning boiler makes your house more comfortable for your loved ones.

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Leawood

    Boilers are one of the most effective and efficient options when it comes to heating systems. However, like any other mechanical system, your boiler requires regular maintenance from an experienced technician. Failure to take care of your home’s boiler system can lead to recurrent breakdowns, your warranty ending early, and high energy bills. Also, this equipment gathers dust during the hot months, making it less reliable.

    Our heating technicians begin the maintenance service by visually inspecting the boiler to check for any signs of leaks, corrosion, or other damage. They will also look at the controls to ensure every part is functional. Next, the technicians will look into the inner components, clean all the necessary areas, and check the flue terminals for any obstructions. Several tests are also conducted during the boiler tune-up service, and a record is made of each. This includes inspecting the heat input, boiler pressure, electrical connections, ventilation system, and relief valve. This information is vital for future inspections or when issues arise. The maintenance expert will then turn on the equipment to ensure it performs well.

    Regular boiler maintenance guarantees the following four benefits:
    • Improved energy efficiency
    • Extended equipment lifespan
    • Decreased energy costs
    • Reduced chances of a breakdown

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Leawood

    Reliable Boiler Tune-Up Services

    For 40 years, Air Care Heating & Cooling has had a distinguished reputation in Leawood for continuously offering exceptional boiler maintenance services. Our team of NATE-certified technicians can service any make or model in your home. We also provide rigorous training to all our professionals so they know what to look for in any assignment and can quickly spot problems with your equipment. Therefore, you can have peace of mind that we’ll keep your equipment in prime condition, save you money and time, and ensure your warranty remains valid.

    Once you schedule a maintenance service with us, we will arrive at your house within the promised time and with all the tools needed for the job. Because we value the safety and comfort of your home, our team performs boiler services within the shortest time possible without compromising quality. We’ll also treat you like family and leave the working area on your property spotless. Whenever you need a reliable boiler tune-up technician, you can count on Air Care Heating & Cooling.

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