Air Care Heating & Cooling works hard to provide regular boiler maintenance in Lenexa, KS. It’s essential to prevent boilers from malfunctioning, and the best way is through regular tune-ups. Air Care Heating & Cooling helps keep boiler equipment efficient through our annual boiler tune-up services for Lenexa residents. Our heating technicians can catch potential problems during a yearly tune-up before these issues have a chance to cause more damage.

    Boiler Maintenance in Lenexa, KS

    When our technicians arrive to maintain your boiler, they test it for safety limits, remove soot accumulation on the exchanger, and check for proper combustion. Our technicians also clean and inspect the chimney, check the component wear, and ensure that the system isn’t over-pressurized.

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Lenexa

    Boiler replacement costs are high, so it’s best to extend the equipment’s lifespan with regular maintenance. Ignoring regular tune-ups can shorten the system’s lifespan. Boilers release carbon monoxide through their external exhaust pipe as they produce heat. However, a worn-out system can quickly release the gas into your home, instead, especially if the exhaust pipe is damaged. Moreover, neglecting tune-ups can force the system to explode.

    A common requirement for maintaining warranties is keeping up with periodic maintenance. Maintaining the warranty’s validity can assist in saving money because you don’t need to pay for unexpected repairs. Another benefit of routine tune-ups is that they can help to reduce energy costs. Boilers consume a lot of energy, but enhancing their efficiency can save much on energy costs. Well-maintained heating equipment can save a considerable percentage on your energy bills. Improper upkeep of your equipment can cause several problems. Therefore, ensure that you care for your boiler to discover repairs early on.

    Here are common issues that boiler maintenance can help prevent:
    • Blockages
    • Water leaks
    • Kettling
    • Pressure drop
    • No hot water

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Lenexa

    Boiler Tune-Up Team

    Air Care Heating & Cooling started in 1981 and has provided reputable services over the years. Lenexa residents know they can trust us for quality heating services. We have maintained a reliable team of technicians, and our decades of experience come in handy in solving heating problems. Our team first inspects your equipment and provides personalized services to meet your individual needs. Air Care Heating & Cooling is EPA-certified and NCI-certified, which means we provide high-quality services.

    We have a team of well-trained technicians who only use Energy Star products. We work hard to prepare your home for all seasons with our range of heating and cooling services. Our NATE-certified technicians can maintain all boiler makes and models. You can trust Air Care Heating & Cooling to also provide emergency services.

    We offer boiler maintenance to residents in:
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    Air Care Heating & Cooling is ready to offer routine boiler maintenance in Lexena. Feel free to call us for boiler tune-up information and enroll in our maintenance plans.