Air Purifiers in Leawood, KSAir Care Heating & Cooling is a leading provider and installer of whole-home air purifiers in Leawood, KS. Indoor air does not circulate as much as the atmosphere outdoors. As such, there are often more pollutants inside the home than outdoors. Some of the contaminants can be harmful to your health. An air purification solution can keep your Leawood home safe and comfortable.

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    Premier Air Purifier Services in Leawood

    There are many compounds in your home that are either toxic or could cause an allergic reaction. The most common allergen is pet dander. Dogs and cats shed their fur throughout the year. The hairs circulate in your interior and may lead to adverse effects for people with respiratory issues.

    Dust mites and pollen are two other allergens that you will find in many homes. Summer in Missouri can be hot and humid, which is the perfect environment for the growth of dust mites. The mites consume dead skin cells and multiply on your bedding and furniture.

    Premier Air Purifier Services in Leawood

    If there is a considerable amount of allergens in your home, you may experience some health issues. You should consider having the air quality tested if you have the following symptoms:
    • Shortness of breath
    • A sense of lethargy or fatigue
    • Nausea, dizziness, and headaches
    • Irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat

    Activities in the building can determine the type of pollutants present in your home. For example, volatile organic compounds can emanate from varnish, paints, or some household items like the carpet. In addition, photocopiers and motors in appliances can release ozone. Ozone can aggravate symptoms of asthma.

    Some buildings may have contaminants because they are old and outdated. For example, those structures may have lead paints that release toxic lead compounds. Homeowners ought to monitor for asbestos, fiberglass, and formaldehyde in aging buildings.

    If you are not sure about the pollutants present in your home, the best approach is to organize an air quality test. After the evaluation, Air Care Heating & Cooling heating technicians and cooling technicians can provide air purifiers for your Leawood home.

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