Mini-splits offer Shawnee, KS homeowners the perfect way to keep their home comfortable with zone cooling. These innovative ductless air conditioning systems are inconspicuous yet reliable. The outdoor compressor can be placed in an out-of-the-way location.

    Mini Splits in Shawnee, KS

    One small hole allows the conduit containing the power cable and other important components to connect this exterior unit to the air-handling units found within the house. Each unit has its own thermostat, so you no longer have to cool areas of the home that you aren’t using.

    Ductless Air Conditioning Uses

    Ductless Air Conditioning Uses

    Are you wondering if a mini-split system is right for your home? While anyone can take advantage of the benefits offered by these systems, there are certain situations where they are the perfect solution to common cooling problems.
    • Older Homes
    • New Additions
    • Small Apartments
    • Ductless Homes

    If you have an older home, you know how difficult it is to install a traditional HVAC system with ducts. These homes are often built on slabs or with very small crawl spaces. There simply isn’t enough room to add ductwork. Fortunately, these mini-split AC systems don’t require any form of ductwork.

    New additions can cause problems when it comes to connecting them to existing cooling systems. A mini-split eliminates having to include ductwork into the design. These systems also work beautifully in small apartments where space is at a minimum.

    Homes that use wood or fireplaces to heat often won’t have any existing ductwork. If you are happy with your current form of heat, don’t worry. Mini-split systems allow you to enjoy cool, comfortable air without changing your existing heating unit.

    Ductless air conditioning is easy to install in your Shawnee home. Best of all, the interior air handling units won’t take up a lot of space or interfere with your home decor. The units have a small profile, and they are jacketed in sleek and modern designs. They can be hung from the ceiling, mounted on the wall, or placed flush within a drop ceiling. Some mini-splits include floor-standing units that can be moved easily.

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