Boiler maintenance in Shawnee, KS is an important part of life. Has your boiler been underperforming lately? Perhaps you’re getting less hot water than usual or your home is colder than you desire. Maybe you’ve started to notice some strange sounds coming from your boiler. When the chilly Kansas winter arrives, an underperforming boiler can be a real hazard to yourself and your family. Our boiler tune-up team has lived in the area and knows the frustration of a cold house or a cold shower all too well.

    Boiler Maintenance in Shawnee, KS

    We don’t want you worrying about the cost of boiler maintenance or just living with an underperforming boiler. If you’re concerned about your boiler, please call us. Our team of experts in Shawnee can help you with your boiler tune-up needs. You can trust us to answer your questions and keep your home and your showers warm.

    Boiler Maintenance in Shawnee

    Usually, the signs of an underperforming boiler are there if you’re looking for them. One key sign is receiving less heat or hot water than usual. Additionally, any unpleasant smells coming from the boiler are a warning sign. The smells of burning oil, metal, or plastic could indicate that your boiler is overheating. Strange sounds coming from the boiler are another crucial sign. Finally, if you’re noticing any water leaks near the boiler, it’s time for a maintenance visit.

    If your boiler doesn’t need immediate care, scheduling a regular tune-up can still be beneficial. Getting a tune-up regularly will help you in the following ways:
    • Peace of mind knowing your boiler is working properly
    • Keeps your boiler running optimally
    • Catches small problems early
    • Improves boiler efficiency

    Boiler Maintenance in Shawnee

    Your Shawnee Boiler Tune-Up Experts

    At Air Care Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves on serving the people of Shawnee. Our team of experienced heating technicians is reliable and punctual. We’ve earned our reputation in the Shawnee area, and we’re confident that we’ll earn your business.

    Our company has been serving the area since 1981, and we’re proud to be EPA and NCI-certified. We have a shop that is stocked with all the parts and tools we need to keep your boiler running great. We recommend scheduling regular tune-ups to ensure that your boiler is safe and reliable.

    We offer boiler maintenance to residents in:
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    No one should have to suffer through a cold shower or sleep in a cold house. Call us at Air Care Heating & Cooling now to request boiler maintenance in Shawnee today.