If you are looking for a way to keep your Overland Park, KS home cool and comfortable, our installation of mini-splits is the answer. These ductless air conditioning systems that we professionally install are ideal for any house that doesn’t already include ductwork for the heating and cooling system. They are also the perfect solution for any home addition or small apartment.

    Mini Splits in Overland Park, KS

    Assisting Overland Park’s Best Mini-Splits

    A mini-split system saves space and energy while allowing you to take advantage of zone cooling. Each system is composed of two main parts. We place a compressor outside and install several interior air-handling units. The two are connected by a conduit that houses the refrigerant tubing, power cable, suction tubing, and condensation drain.

    Assisting Overland Park's Best Mini-Splits

    Our installation of mini-splits provides you with the following benefits.
    • Flexible cooling for individual rooms
    • Easy installation
    • A ductless AC system
    • Compatibility with existing interior decor

    Each system we install includes up to four interior air-handling units, each with its own thermostat. This allows you to keep the rooms you use most often comfortable without paying to cool unused spaces.

    Our installation is simple and unobtrusive. It only requires one small hole to allow for the conduit to pass through. Conduit is available in up to 50-foot lengths, so the compressor can be hidden at the back of the house while still being able to reach air handlers in the front rooms.

    No ductwork is necessary. There are plenty of houses, especially older homes, that aren’t suited for ductwork. Even if you do have the room, a ductless air conditioning system could save you money. Up to 30% of your energy can be lost through ducts.

    The interior air handling units won’t interfere with your home decor. These sleek, high-tech designs have a small 7-inch profile that we can mount flush within a drop ceiling, hang on the wall, or suspend from a ceiling.

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