December 10, 2020

Taking proper care of a heating system does more than keeping a home’s interior comfortable; doing so may preserve the equipment and avoid mechanical troubles and critical failures. Repeat service visits lead to many expenses, and there are safety concerns, too.

Sometimes, damage to a heating system becomes unavoidable, such as damage that occurs during a weather-related incident. Many problems, however, can be avoided depending on the homeowner’s actions or inaction.

What are some things to think about to avoid causing damage to a heating system? Here is a look at some common troubles that homeowners may cause:

Ignoring Maintenance and Other Services

Neglect could be the top reason a heating system suffers from problems. Failure to clean the unit or change the filter may lead to disastrous problems. A dirty filter could overheat the system, which may lead to a cracked heat exchanger. And there are other problems a dirty filter might cause.

Multiple service and maintenance issues could contribute to problems with the heater. If the furnace shows any signs of something being wrong, you should have a service technician check things out. The technician could also perform a thorough inspection to see if any other problems exist.

Air Care Heating & Cooling intends to help residents of Kansas City, Shawnee, and nearby communities deal with furnace issues. We handle heating repair and maintenance services.

Cleaning the System

Homeowners who realize a comprehensive cleaning could do the system much good may be on the right track. Those attempting to perform a DIY cleaning, however, might cause more harm than good. Some things are best left in a professional’s hands. Improper cleaning could lead to damage, which may then create a ripple effect of troubles. Why make things worse? Let a pro do the cleaning.

Running the System Too Much

A furnace does need a break now and then. Running the system too long and at excessive temperatures puts a strain on the unit. When 60 degrees provides decent comfort, maybe that is the right temperature setting to keep. Running the system at 70 degrees for hours and hours each day could wear down the parts, leading to troubles. The system’s lifespan may even shorten when a homeowner runs the unit excessively.

Consider investing in a “smart” programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat could keep the furnace from running too high or too often. The right setting keeps the furnace from heating an empty home or engaging the heating system when there’s no need for it to run high.

Not Upgrading the Furnace

At some point, a furnace will cease to operate. Some models may last 15 years, and others could continue to work at 30 years. When the system starts to show age-related problems, a homeowner might find it best to work with an HVAC technician to replace the older model.

Remember, a very old model becomes prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. When it breaks down completely, you can’t avoid replacing the system any longer. Why not do things ahead of schedule?

Closing the Vents

Why allow heated air to enter a room that no one occupies? The question makes sense, and the answer may prompt someone to look into a zoned system setup. Others may choose to close the vents in the unoccupied room, but doing so could prove costly. When the air reaches the vents and backs up due to the closed slots, the furnace may experience additional stress. As noted, anything that causes excess stress runs the risk of damaging the system.

Yes, a zoned system would come with costs to install. However, the system could save money and may alleviate some pressure off the furnace. Anything that reduces expenses and wear-and-tear could be worth exploring.

Ignoring Drafts

Poor insulation and chronic drafts create problems for a furnace. When heated air escapes through holes in the ducts or cracks in the windows, the furnace works harder to send more hot air to bring the temperature to the thermostat’s setting. Fixing insulation and air-loss problems could do more than lend help to the furnace. Expect the monthly heating bills to drop as well. Less waste means reduced costs.

Air Care Heating & Cooling stands at the ready to assist with furnace repair requests. We also provide furnace and AC maintenance and installation. Indoor air quality and duct cleaning services are part of our offerings as well. We have been in business since 1981 and are both EPA certified, and NCI certified. Call our office today to set up a repair or maintenance appointment.

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