Boiler Company in Lenexa, KSWhen you need professional help with a boiler repair or replacement in Lenexa, KS, don’t look further than the help offered by Air Care Heating & Cooling. A faulty boiler can leave you with a cold house and has the potential to cause a dangerous situation. Whether you’ve noticed that your boiler is showing high water pressure or the pilot light is yellow instead of blue, it’s important to have a professional take a look. Our boiler service experts can determine the cause of the issue and give you a cost estimate for the repair, installation, or tune-up. They’ll answer any of your questions about your boiler and offer sound advice.

    Lenexa Boiler Repair

    Getting issues fixed as quickly as possible can keep them from developing into anything more serious in the future. A faulty boiler often leads to a drastic increase in energy bills. Getting a repair done properly can restore your boiler to its full functionality so that you can have confidence in it. Our technicians work meticulously in order to produce results that will stand the test of time.

    Warning signs that can indicate an issue with your boiler:
    • Tapping or whistling noises
    • You have Uneven heat
    • You smell unpleasant odors
    • Failure to stay on

    When the job is done, you can count on our professionals to get all waste taken off of your property for disposal. They’ll treat your home with a high level of respect and make sure that it’s protected at all times.

    Top Boiler Installation in Lenexa

    Top Boiler Installation in LenexaIt is best to have professionals take care of the details of a boiler replacement. You can trust our team to work in a highly meticulous manner in order to get everything done right the first time. Your property will be protected throughout the process.

    There are many reasons to get a new boiler installed in your home.
    • Lower energy bills
    • Reduced carbon footprint
    • Greater reliability
    • More even and consistent operation

    When the installation the complete, all waste will be removed from your property, and your old boiler will be disposed of safely. You can rely on our heating technicians to show you how to operate and care for your new equipment. They can also provide any follow-up support you need with your system.

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Lenexa

    Boiler replacement costs are high, so it’s best to extend the equipment’s lifespan with regular maintenance. Ignoring regular tune-ups can shorten the system’s lifespan. Boilers release carbon monoxide through their external exhaust pipe as they produce heat. However, a worn-out system can quickly release the gas into your home, instead, especially if the exhaust pipe is damaged. Moreover, neglecting tune-ups can force the system to explode.

    A common requirement for maintaining warranties is keeping up with periodic maintenance. Maintaining the warranty’s validity can assist in saving money because you don’t need to pay for unexpected repairs. Another benefit of routine tune-ups is that they can help to reduce energy costs. Boilers consume a lot of energy, but enhancing their efficiency can save much on energy costs. Well-maintained heating equipment can save a considerable percentage on your energy bills. Improper upkeep of your equipment can cause several problems. Therefore, ensure that you care for your boiler to discover repairs early on.

    Here are common issues that boiler maintenance can help prevent:
    • Blockages
    • Water leaks
    • Kettling
    • Pressure drop
    • No hot water

    Professional Boiler Maintenance in Lenexa

    Expert HVAC Contractor in Lenexa

    At Air Care Heating & Cooling, we are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of each of our Lenexa customers. Our locally owned and operated company was founded in 1981, and we continue to place customer satisfaction as our top priority. We are also certified by both the EPA and NCI. We use ENERGY STAR-certified products for our work, and you can trust us to stand behind our results. Our company is a member of the ACCA, and we make sure that our technicians stay current with advances in the industry

    We have a conveniently located shop on West 79th Street in Shawnee that is run by friendly and conscientious professionals. We will take the time to answer any of your questions about your options for a new boiler. Our team is fully licensed, bonded and insured, and we never cut corners with any aspect of our work. Our goal is to develop lasting relationships of trust with all of our customers.

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    Give the crew from Air Care Heating & Cooling a call today to learn more about getting a new boiler for your Lenexa property.