Boiler Service in Mission Hills, KS If your boiler requires repair, contact Air Care Heating & Cooling to request boiler service in Mission Hills, KS. Our experts will inspect the boiler, the pipes, the valves, the tank, and the burners. We will eliminate any leaks it may have that could be costing you money in lost energy. After the boiler repair is complete, we can perform routine maintenance that is designed to enhance the efficiency of the boiler.

    Boiler Service in Mission Hills

    Sometimes, minerals can accumulate within the heat exchanger, and the component may contain calcium, magnesium, or phosphorus. These minerals could substantially reduce the efficiency of the heat exchanger. Once our technicians inspect the boiler, we can remove the heat exchanger. We will thoroughly clean the heat exchanger, remove the minerals and inspect all the necessary components.

    When a boiler is leaking, the malfunctioning components may reduce the level of pressure within the boiler. Occasionally, a worn valve could cause a serious leak, and after a valve malfunction, the defective valve may considerably increase energy costs. If you contact Air Care Heating & Cooling, our technicians will determine the cause of the leak, inspect the valves and replace multiple components. Additionally, our experts will let you know how to prevent leaks in the future.

    Boiler Service in Mission Hills Most boilers are connected to thermostats, and these components will control the temperature within the boiler. If the thermostat malfunctions, the boiler might not provide hot water, yet the other components will continue to operate. Our technicians can quickly test the thermostat, inspect the wiring and examine the temperature of the boiler. Subsequently, our experts could install a new thermostat that will improve energy efficiency.

    Once a boiler malfunctions, you’ll need to schedule a prompt repair to keep the system operational.

    A broken boiler can lead to:
    • Leaks in the system
    • Reduced energy efficiency
    • A decrease in the temperature of the boiler
    • Issues with pipes

    Providing Boiler Repair

    Our business has experienced heating technicians who can inspect and repair malfunctioning boilers as well as help you improve the efficiency of your equipment. Our business is located within 1 mile of Interstate 35, and our office is close to Campbell Park. During the last five years, our company has received more than 1,800 excellent testimonials, and many customers have provided multiple referrals.

    We offer boiler repair to residents in:
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    If your system isn’t working properly, our experienced technicians can provide an estimate, answer your questions and repair the boiler. Call Air Care Heating & Cooling of Mission Hills today to schedule your appointment with our skilled team!