Since 1981, Air Care Heating & Cooling has worked hard to become a reliable commercial HVAC company in Leawood, KS. We have a lot of experience in dealing with all types of commercial heating and cooling systems and do a thorough job with repairs, installations and maintenance.

    Commercial HVAC Company in Leawood, KS

    You can trust us to put your best interests first, and you can also rely on our commercial HVAC contractor to always provide you with honest advice. By giving us a call, you are joining over 22,000 happy clients!

    Reliable Commercial HVAC Company for Repairs

    Without proper commercial heating and cooling in Leawood, your commercial property may be unbearably hot or cold for customers and employees. This can have a detrimental effect on your business’ image. To avoid this, make sure that you get repairs done in a timely manner. We highly recommend that you call us the moment that you notice something amiss. This could be anything from an abnormal amount of dust in the property to odd sounds when the unit is turned on. The sooner that you call, the easier the problem will be to fix.

    Air Care Heating & Cooling also offers commercial HVAC to residents in:

    Trusted Commercial HVAC Contractor for Installations

    Proper commercial HVAC system installations and replacements can prevent a lot of costly issues in the future. Improper installations lead to shortened equipment lifespan, a higher need for repairs and a drop in efficiency. Our team will not only help you size the unit, but also walk you through the various options that you have. We’ll help you find the best deal, so you can get great value out of your money.

    In general, most commercial HVAC systems will last about 15 years. However, you should also consider replacing your system with a new one if you notice the following:
    • An increasing need for repairs
    • Rising cost of repairs
    • Uneven heating or cooling despite repairs
    • Visible signs of rust or damage

    Quality Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Leawood

    Much like with residential systems, you want to service your commercial heating and cooling system at least twice a year. Service the cooling system during the spring and the heating system during the fall if possible. Although you can schedule a tune-up at any time, you want to book the schedule closer to when you’ll be needing the system. As the tune-up includes a detailed cleaning, this ensures that all hidden pathogens and pollutants are cleaned up. The system will also be more prepared to deal with all the work that it needs to do.

    Quality Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance in Leawood

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