When you need the best commercial HVAC company in Lenexa, KS, manufacturing, industrial, or hospitality business, choose Air Care Heating & Cooling. Our technicians and installers are trained to operate on all major equipment brands, and we come prepared to complete your job right the first time.

    Commercial HVAC Company in Lenexa, KS

    Our service vans have all the top-of-the-line parts we need to do the job, and our techs are well-trained, easily finding the source of your commercial heating and cooling troubles and quickly repairing them. Whether you’re a residential customer or a light commercial client, you can count on us.

    Qualified Commercial HVAC Company For Repair in Lenexa

    A broken part in your commercial HVAC system can be a hassle and inconvenience at best and can significantly disrupt your business flow at worst. We know that when you call Air Care Heating & Cooling for a furnace or air conditioner repair, you need it immediately, so we offer same-day appointments and emergency service to accommodate our customers. When your rooftop air conditioner is making banging sounds that disrupt your employees or hotel guests, or if there’s a leak in your boiler tank, we can handle any repairs you need.

    Air Care Heating & Cooling offers Mini-Splits to residents in:

    Installation From a Commercial HVAC Contractor

    When it’s time to replace your old commercial heating and cooling equipment, or if you need a commercial HVAC contractor for a new manufacturing center, hotel or restaurant, or commercial office space, choose Air Care Heating & Cooling. Our knowledgeable sales team helps you find the correct SEER rating and BTUs for your needs, and with our flexible payment options and financing for approved customers, we can work with your budget, too. When we replace your air conditioner or heater, we remove the old unit and properly dispose of it.

    The benefits of a new commercial heating and cooling system are many, including:
    • More efficient operations
    • Reduced utility bills
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Some Energy Star appliances are eligible for a tax credit
    • Greater control with Smart Home technology

    Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    Improving indoor air quality and reducing the likelihood of having a big, urgent repair are just two of the reasons to have regular maintenance on your residential or commercial heating and cooling system. Our seasonal maintenance packages ensure that your furnace or air conditioner is ready to go for a long, hot Lenexa summer or a chilly, snowy winter. We clean the appliance and re-lubricate it, reducing the friction that can cause parts to wear out faster. If your Air Care Heating & Cooling tech finds a small problem or worn part, they replace it or fix it and warn you about the potential for a larger issue that could happen soon. We top off the air conditioner’s refrigerant, change the filters, and inspect the ductwork to ensure all the connections are secure.

    Commercial Heating and Cooling Maintenance

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    Choose the best commercial HVAC company in Lenexa – Air Care Heating & Cooling – for all your furnace and air conditioner needs – even emergency service!