September 19, 2022
Ductless Mini-Split in Shawnee, KS

There are quite a few homes in Shawnee, Kansas that were built without the necessary ductwork for supporting central HVAC systems. Sadly, many of the people who live in them are still relying on inefficient window air conditioners or portable ACs that aren’t powerful enough to get the job done. Fortunately, this no longer must be the case. Ductless mini-split air conditioners provide the same whole-house cooling that central AC systems do, and without the costly, post-construction installation of ducting. If you’ve been pining away for cooler indoor temperatures, now is the perfect time to have a ductless mini-split air conditioner installed.

Why Ductless Air Conditioning Is Often Better Than Central Cooling

Unlike window air conditioners and portable ACs, ductless air conditioning isn’t an inefficient attempt to compensate for the absence of ductwork. In fact, in most homes, ductless mini-split air conditioners are more efficient than central HVAC systems. This is because ductless air conditioners offer zoned cooling. With zoned cooling, your home will be sectioned off into four or fewer zones, and each zone will have its own separate thermostat and air handler. You can then use these to selectively cool down the areas of the building that you’re actively using, and without paying money for conditioned air in the areas that you’re not.

In comparison, central air conditioners cool homes down uniformly. Most have a single thermostat that controls the temperature throughout the entire living environment. While ductless mini-splits make it unnecessary to waste energy on rooms that are unoccupied, central air conditioners blow out cold air until areas of the home reach the same temperature.

There’s also the fact that ductless air conditioners contribute to a higher indoor air quality (IAQ). Many of the IAQ problems that homeowners with central air conditioners contend with are the result of dirty, ill-maintained, or leaky air ducts. Bypassing the need for HVAC air ducts entirely means that you’ll also have fewer allergens like dirt, dust, dander, and pollen floating around your living environment.

The Installation Process Is Both Quick and Simple

If you’ve ever researched the cost and potential drawbacks of having HVAC ductwork installed post-construction, you probably find the idea of retrofitting your home for central AC far from appealing. These projects are expensive, noisy, time-consuming, and messy. They also often mean sacrificing large amounts of indoor space and diminishing indoor aesthetics.

Installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner is far different. A ductless mini-split air conditioner has a single unit that’s installed outside. This unit is connected to small-sized air handlers that are positioned in each zone or room using tubing for refrigerant and a limited amount of electrical wiring. Best of all, only a single, small-sized hole must be drilled to accommodate these connections at each air handler. Often, this hole is just three inches in diameter.

Ductless Mini-Splits Don’t Detract From the Look of Your Home Interior

The air handlers for ductless mini-split systems are available in a small range of neutral colors. You can choose white, beige, brown, or grey. These units have a modest size and an inconspicuous look overall. Moreover, they can be installed on the ceiling or on the upper portion of the wall. This is far different from bulky window ACs that block outside views, render windows unusable, and leave homes vulnerable to break-ins.

Installing Ductless Air Conditioning Will Add Value to Your Home

Window air conditioners and portable AC units don’t generally cost a lot upfront, but they do cost a lot to run. These units are notoriously inefficient. They often create large, visible areas of air loss where they’re installed, and they aren’t powerful enough to cool down more than just one or two small-sized rooms. Worst of all, even if you purchase the most attractive, highest performing, and expensive window air conditioner you can find, it won’t add any value to your home. In fact, window air conditioners that are mounted on windowsills can cause structural damage and diminish the value of your property.

Comparatively, ductless mini-split cooling systems make homes more appealing all around. These units are sleek, modern, and high performing. There are even options in ductless mini-split heat pumps that provide both heating and cooling. With these, the potential energy savings are phenomenal. Ductless heat pumps are a popular choice among homeowners and home buyers who are looking for ways to lower their carbon footprints. As such, if you want to significantly boost both the value and the marketability of your home, having a ductless mini-split air conditioner or heat pump installed is the way to go.

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