July 19, 2021
AC Services in Shawnee, KS

As the summer approaches, having an air conditioner installed in your home would be the best way to fight the hot temperatures. However, the ineffective use of an AC unit could lead to increased energy bills. Air Care Heating & Cooling technicians are well-trained to help you enjoy a comfortable and relaxed stay in your home during summer. Here are effective ways of using your AC unit this summer.

Maintaining Stable Temperature

Many people blast their air conditioning systems on the lower levels during the summer season. However, this is not an effective use of your air conditioning unit. Instead of having your AC unit running long hours to keep your house cool, you can set it to operate within stable temperatures, such as between 22 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps to keep your home temperature bearable and comfortable without overworking your AC system.

Use Timers

Operating your AC unit on cool days or when everyone is out will only increase your energy bills. For that reason, have your technician install a timer on your system. The timer will help you activate the AC system when temperatures are unbearable and when your family is indoors.

Additionally, it is possible to switch it on when your family is about to get back home. Bear in mind that you should only start your AC unit whenever necessary, not running it around the clock.

Use Your System’s Fan Setting

Not all summer days are extra hot. Therefore, you should use the air conditioner’s fan settings to cool your home for less-hot days. While the fan setting won’t help you produce new cool air in your house, it creates a refreshing breeze within your house. As a result, you and your family will enjoy a relaxing homestay at a reduced energy bill.

Cool the Necessary Rooms

Another effective way of using your house AC unit is by ensuring that you cool the usable rooms. Running your cooling system to cool the unused space will only increase your energy bills. As an effective use of your AC system, just cool the rooms being used during the hot days.

Turn the Dehumidifying Mode On

While using the cooling mode will help you enjoy a comfy space, using the dehumidifying mode will do better. With the dehumidifying mode on, you will reduce the moisture in the air and increase the cooler and more comfortable feeling within your house.

Avoid Auto Mode

Many people may think of an auto mode as the best mode of operating their AC units. However, the auto mode helps you maintain the set stable. This means that it will work to cool the warm air and, at the same time, heat it when it gets too cold.
As a result, your AC unit will operate continuously, increasing the energy bills. Setting the minimum and maximum temperatures for your home will help you make the best from your air conditioning unit.

Clean the Filters

If you enjoy incredible and quality air during the summer, ensure that you clean or replace your air filters. Typically, it is recommended that you clean the filters at least every month and that you replace them annually. When cleaning the filters, use some regular detergent and warm water, and allow them time to dry before putting them back.

Close Doors

Operating your air conditioning unit with your doors open will cause your system to work extra hard. Closing your doors during the summer will help you cool your home at a lower cost. This includes the various room doors inside your house, such as the bathroom doors. By doing so, you will be preventing warm and moist air from entering into your home.

Buy Energy Efficient AC

If you are thinking of installing air conditioning in your home, be sure to buy the right system as this is a considerable investment. Purchasing an energy-efficient AC unit will help you make the best of cooling your home without huge energy bills every month.

Additionally, let an expert advise you about the right AC unit size for your home before you buy one. At Air Care Heating & Cooling, we offer advice to all our customers about the best size of AC for your home to create energy-efficient cooling systems. Air Care Heating & Cooling technicians are well-trained and licensed to help you make the best use of your air conditioning unit.

We provide high-quality heating and cooling services around Shawnee and the Kansas City area. For more information about our heating, cooling, water heater, duct design, and maintenance services, call us today.

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