May 10, 2021
AC Technician in Shawnee, Kansas

You may think that your air conditioner has the standard manufacturer’s warranty, so there is no need for a maintenance agreement. However, that warranty is completely separate from the maintenance that should be performed on your system. Like your vehicle, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep running effectively, and a maintenance agreement brings some special benefits.

Greater Peace of Mind

Your air conditioner may cause you some stress while you wonder if it is going to break. This stress may not be as high with a newer system, but it still lingers in the background.

One of the best ways to prevent these unplanned breakdowns is to give your AC unit routine maintenance. During these maintenance visits, your technician tests the critical components to ensure that they are operating optimally. If one shows a degradation in performance, then you have time to schedule the repair before your system stops working.

Few Major Repairs

Along with greater peace of mind about your system is fewer actual repairs. Your AC unit’s components will eventually wear out and need replacing. However, when the air conditioner is neglected and it experiences abnormal strain, those repairs come more quickly.

Without professional maintenance to test the various components, small problems often go unnoticed. This leads to unusual strain over time that ends in larger repairs. By finding the problems while they are small, you can often avoid the larger repairs altogether.

Better Energy Efficiency

When your system is operating suboptimally, you will experience a loss of efficiency. This translates into longer cycle lengths and more energy consumption, driving your utility bills up.

Your maintenance agreement comes with routine maintenance visits to keep your system operating at peak efficiency. Your technician not only looks for components that add strain to the system but also cleans the critical components. This includes your evaporator coil, condensing coil, and circulating fan in the spring and the heat exchanger in the fall.

Priority Scheduling

One of the biggest challenges of having a problem with your HVAC system is getting a service call scheduled. Most breakdowns happen when it is the coldest and hottest outside because of the additional strain that the extreme temperatures bring. Being that is when most problems occur, that is also when repair technicians are the busiest.

With a maintenance agreement from Air Care Heating & Cooling, you get priority scheduling if something does happen. This means you are not left for days wondering how you are going to stay cool or warm while waiting for your service call.

Discounted Rates

When you do have to call a repair technician, there are fees that you pay just to have the diagnostic completed. This may include a travel fee as well as the service call fee. Then, once the problem is diagnosed, there are the parts and labor to implement the solution. If the call is an emergency and after hours, then you are also paying overtime charges for the technician.

Maintenance agreements usually come with a discount on the services. With Air Care Heating & Cooling, our Priority Advantage Members receive a 10% discount on all services, including both HVAC and plumbing. We also waive the travel and overtime fees, making getting repairs much more affordable.

Extended Service Life

The average air conditioner has a service life of about 10 to 15 years, and for a furnace, it is 15 to 20 years. This average accounts for regular maintenance to keep the system running optimally.

When you fail to properly maintain your AC unit, you may cut that service life by five or 10 years. On the flip side, many people who maintain their system regularly report extending beyond that average. The goal is to keep your air conditioner running as long as it maintains its efficiency.

Validated Warranty

Manufacturers stand behind their products, which is why they offer a warranty. However, they also know that their product is only as good as the maintenance that it receives.

It is common for mechanical equipment to come with a stipulation in the warranty that the maintenance schedule will be followed. This is why many HVAC manufacturers not only require maintenance but that it be performed by a licensed technician.

Air Care Heating & Cooling has been serving residents around Shawnee since 1981 with top-rated air conditioning maintenance. Our clients also turn to us for trusted AC installation and service, along with indoor air quality solutions and heating installation, maintenance, and repair. Call today to schedule your maintenance visit or for more information about our Priority Advantage plan.

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