March 16, 2021
Garage Heater

The family garage is not always used to keep vehicles inside and protected from the outdoor elements. Sometimes a family may want to increase the livable space of their home and will convert their garage into such a space. This means converting the garage into an extra bedroom or recreation room. For those living in the Greater Kansas City area that deals with the freezing cold temperatures of winter, this also means figuring out how to keep the garage or space warm.
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The First Steps

Keeping a garage warm is not that difficult, but it does require a plan. Most of the time the garage is not insulated when it is first built because its purpose is to store vehicles. So, if the garage is not insulated, the first step is to insulate the room as thoroughly as possible. You’ll need to install insulation to the walls and around windows. Next, you’ll need to keep the garage door shut or remove the door and install an external wall if you’re converting the space to a bedroom.

Avoid Keeping the Door Open

For those that decide to keep the garage door, keep in mind that some heat may escape around the door. You can put plastic over the windows to help centralize the heat to keep it in place somewhat, but you will need some sort of system to keep the heat from escaping around the door. Some homeowners deal with this by using old blankets to cover the cracks. You can also use foam weather stripping pieces to seal the cracks around the door. If you choose to keep the garage door, you’ll need to make sure it stays closed at all times to keep heat within the space.

The Forced-Air Heater Can Be Your Friend

A forced-air heater can work wonders in a garage. This type of heater blasts hot air into the garage to keep the space warm. It can be linked to your natural gas or propane source and is not as expensive as infra-red heating sources. These are also available in a variety of different sizes allowing them to be sized to fit the garage. The only problem with forced-air heaters is that they can blow dust around the area. If you’re working on a woodworking project, a forced-air heater may not be the solution for your garage space. Otherwise, they are a great way to keep the garage warm.

Other Heating Systems

Other Heating SystemsMost of the systems above are obvious ones. That is, they do not require much in the way of tearing the garage apart and rebuilding it. You can warm your garage with convection heaters and ductless heating. However, there are other heating systems that can provide benefits worth looking into. For example, in-floor heating systems is one option. With in-floor heating systems, the heat comes from the floor. This is great for a mechanic who just wants to stay warm while fixing cars. While this may not be great for guests, it works great for the mechanic. You should do your research when it comes to heating methods, but starting with an heating and cooling company should be part of that process. At Air Care Heating & Cooling we have professionals that can assist in you choosing the best heating solution for your space.

There are plenty of ways to keep your garage warm. Make sure that you consult with a local HVAC company that can help you choose the best method. The heating professionals at Air Care Heating & Cooling in Shawnee, KS, can advise you of some effective ways of warming your garage that you may not be aware of presently. In some cases, there are potential code violations you may run into that an HVAC professional can keep you away from. In short, warming your garage can give you another room. Whether you want to use it for traditional purposes or convert it into a bedroom, guest room, or even another playroom, all of these are great options worth exploring.

We Can Help Keep You Warm

Air Care Heating & Cooling provides service to the Greater Kansas City area to solve a variety of heating and cooling problems. Helping to keep your garage warm fits within that purpose, and we can suggest several ways to insulate, warm, and make your garage an area people will feel comfortable in no matter how cold it may get outside. We can even help finance larger projects. Talk to us today, and we can help you find the solution that works best for your garage. We also offer water heaters and indoor air quality services.

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