March 6, 2024
HVAC Installation in Shawnee, KS

When it comes time to replace your aging or broken HVAC system, the cost can be daunting. Purchasing a new heating and air conditioning unit is a major investment that often runs into the thousands of dollars. Many homeowners simply pay cash or put the expense on a credit card. However, financing your next HVAC installation through Air Care Heating & Cooling has many advantages that are worth considering.

At Air Care Heating & Cooling, located in Shawnee, KS, we have been providing top-quality HVAC services to homeowners in the greater Kansas City area since 1981. When the weather turns frigid cold or sweltering hot, local residents know they can rely on our experienced technicians at Air Care Heating & Cooling to keep them comfortable. Our company takes pride in offering excellent customer service and standing behind their work.

One of the ways Air Care Heating & Cooling assists customers with affording a new HVAC system is through convenient financing options. We offer homeowners specialized HVAC financing with great terms and benefits. By financing your next heating and cooling unit, you can realize several advantages that pay off both in the short and long run.

Spread Out the Cost

Perhaps the biggest benefit of HVAC financing is the ability to break up the total cost into manageable monthly payments. Instead of being presented with a four- or five-figure lump sum for a new heating and cooling system, financing allows you to pay a portion of the amount each month over a set financing term. Typically ranging from 12 to 72 months, depending on the lender, these financing terms give homeowners flexibility in tailoring monthly payments to fit their budget. Financing essentially takes a massive one-time expenditure and transforms it into a series of smaller, predictable payments that are easier to accommodate month-to-month.

Conserve Cash

Financing a new HVAC system helps conserve your immediate cash flow compared to paying the full amount upfront. Many homeowners have money set aside in savings accounts, retirement funds, or investments that they rely on for financial security. Tapping into those funds to pay for a costly new furnace or air conditioner may not be the best use of that capital. HVAC financing allows you to keep those cash assets intact while making more digestible monthly payments on the equipment.

For example, rather than withdrawing $10,000 from your savings to pay for a new air conditioner, you could finance the system over 120 months for around $100 per month. This conserves your capital reserves and allows you to pay gradually over time through your monthly budget. Some homeowners also choose to finance at lower monthly payments over a longer term in order to conserve more cash. This provides extra reassurance that they are not overextending their finances.

Upgrade Equipment

HVAC financing can enable homeowners to upgrade to more advanced systems with higher efficiency and performance than they may have initially budgeted for. Rather than just replacing an old unit with a basic new one, financing provides the extra funds needed to purchase a premium system.

Many homeowners plan to simply replace a worn-out air conditioner with a standard model. But with financing, they could upgrade to a high-efficiency variable speed air conditioner for only a small difference in monthly payments. That advanced model provides much tighter temperature control, lower energy bills, and added features like Wi-Fi connectivity. Similarly, if a furnace needs replacing, financing may allow the purchase of a two-stage or variable capacity model rather than a single stage. The upgraded furnace will run quieter and provide more even heating and better humidity control.

Roll in Additional Services

The flexibility of HVAC financing allows homeowners to bundle additional products and services into the loan amount rather than just covering the cost of the air conditioner or furnace itself. Many homeowners use the financing to upgrade related components like ductwork or thermostats since the ducts are being accessed anyway. Others choose to utilize HVAC financing to cover extended warranties, maintenance packages, or air purification systems. Tacking on these extra costs into the same monthly payment simplifies the process without needing separate financing plans. The ability to roll in additional HVAC-related home upgrades into one loan is a major benefit of financing.

Pay Over Time as You Benefit

One of the biggest advantages of HVAC financing is that it allows homeowners to pay off the system gradually as they enjoy the benefits it provides. HVAC equipment like furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps typically last 15-20 years, making financing a logical choice. By spreading payments over a number of years, homeowners essentially pay for their HVAC system in installments while benefiting from the improved heating and cooling it provides each season. For instance, paying off a $10,000 air conditioner over a 10-year term would cost around $100 per month. Rather than paying the $10,000 lump sum upfront, the homeowner pays $100 monthly while enjoying 10 years of cool, energy-efficient air conditioning in the warm months. The system pays for itself through the comfort and utility it provides over time. Financing matches payments to the lifespan of an HVAC investment.

Establish Credit History

For homeowners just starting out, HVAC financing can be an effective way to establish a positive credit history and build their FICO score. Many young adults have limited credit profiles, making it difficult to get approved for loans or receive ideal interest rates. Successfully making on-time monthly HVAC financing payments demonstrates financial responsibility to lenders. It shows you can properly manage installment loan terms over an extended period. Multiple years of on-time payments boosts your credit score and profile. Good credit on HVAC financing sets you up for approval for future loans like auto, mortgage, or credit cards at better rates, saving potentially thousands. For those new to credit, it provides a manageable way to demonstrate creditworthiness. With proper payment, you can raise your score while enjoying a more comfortable and efficient home. HVAC financing establishes critical credit history while improving your quality of living.

Lock in Payments

Unlike unpredictable repair bills, HVAC financing allows homeowners to lock in a fixed monthly payment amount. When paying cash for HVAC repairs and replacements as they arise, costs can vary wildly from month to month. But a financing plan sets consistent, predictable loan payments over the full term. This payment steadiness makes it easier for households to accurately budget and financially plan ahead. Knowing the locked-in payment amount prevents unexpected fluctuation in the budget. Financing simplifies financial planning and cash flow management compared to cash system repairs and replacements. With set monthly amounts, homeowners can reliably allocate funds to cover the HVAC payment along with other critical expenses. Avoiding payment surprises provides peace of mind. Locked-in financing payments bring stability to an otherwise volatile HVAC budget line item.

Access Professional Installation

Financing a new HVAC system often provides the benefit of professional installation and service compared to cash purchases. Financing through a reputable HVAC provider like us at Air Care Heating & Cooling combines system financing with professional expertise during installation and beyond. You gain peace of mind knowing your expensive HVAC investment is properly installed and cared for by technicians who are accountable.

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Financing your HVAC installation is a smart way to upgrade your home with a new HVAC system. It can help you get the HVAC system you deserve, without breaking the bank or compromising on quality. If you are interested in financing your HVAC installation, Air Care Heating & Cooling is your friend. We have been serving the Shawnee area for over 40 years, with a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction.

We can help you find the best financing option for your needs and budget, and provide you with professional installation and maintenance services. We also provide indoor air quality and water heater services along with geothermal heating and cooling installation and maintenance. Don’t wait any longer. Contact Air Care Heating & Cooling today and get ready to experience the difference a new HVAC system can make. You will be glad you did.

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