August 18, 2022
AC Service in Shawnee, KS

All central air conditioners require professional service. Changing out your AC filter and removing debris from the perimeter of the outside condenser is not enough to keep your cooling system working efficiently. To cut your energy costs and extend the lifespan of the AC unit in your Shawnee, Kansas home, you should have this appliance professionally serviced at least once each year. Following is everything you need to know about setting the right AC service schedule.

Your Warranty Requires Annual Service

Most air conditioner manufacturers recommended yearly maintenance service. You can check the owner’s manual for your air conditioner to get model-specific service recommendations. More often than not, yearly service is also required for remaining compliant with the terms of manufacturer warranties. If you neglect to schedule annual service, your air conditioner warranty could be voided, and you may be left paying to replace defective parts out of your own pocket.

Some AC Components Won’t Last as Long as Your Air Conditioner

Certain components in your air conditioner are set to stop working long before the AC unit itself. Some parts simply sustain more wear than others and thus, they have shorter expected lifespans. These include:

  • AC capacitors
  • AC contactors
  • The blower fan

The blower fan in your HVAC system works year-round. As such, it sustains twice the wear of nearly all other components. Blower fans typically last between just 10 and 20 years while air conditioners can offer reliable performance for 15 to 20 years.

Regular servicing gives technicians the chance to identify developing blower fan issues early on. By catching and correcting these problems right away, HVAC companies can make this component last longer. If needed, they can also swap it out before the hot season arrives so that you’re never at risk of being without sufficient cooling power.

AC capacitors and AC contactors handle the job of regulating the power supply. Although small and relatively low in cost, they rank among the most common causes of air conditioner repair requests. These components are constantly subjected to both high temperatures and high voltage. Just as with blower fans, routinely having AC capacitors and contactors inspected will prevent them from failing when you need your air conditioner the most.

You May Want to Schedule AC Maintenance Twice Each Year

In some instances, annual AC service may not be enough. This is frequently the case for households with multiple integrated air conditioner accessories such as:

  • Air scrubbers
  • Whole-house humidifiers
  • Whole-house dehumidifiers
  • Air purifiers

Twice-yearly servicing ensures that all integrated components are perfectly calibrated and working seamlessly with the cooling system itself. During these visits, HVAC technicians can also take air pressure readings to verify that excess or insufficient air pressure isn’t causing energy waste, accelerated wear, or indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns.

At times, the health of building residents also necessitates more frequent AC servicing. This may be the case if there’s someone in your home who lives with:

  • Severe asthma
  • Allergies
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Congestive heart failure

Professional inspection and maintenance services ensure that internal system components are thoroughly cleaned. This limits the likelihood of having high levels of airborne particulates within the living environment. It also gives HVAC companies the chance to spot common indicators of HVAC duct leaks and other ductwork damage that can additionally impact your IAQ.

Finally, you definitely want to schedule more frequent service visits during busy fire seasons when your air conditioner takes in significant amounts of smoke, and if you live in a naturally dusty or high-contaminant area. High pollen counts, living near a freeway, or having multiple pets in the home are all good reasons to have your air conditioner tested, cleaned, and calibrated more than once each year.

Mid-Spring and Early Fall Are the Best Times for AC Service

If annual maintenance is right for your air conditioner, this should be scheduled during mid-spring. This way, if outdoor temperatures heat up before summer actually arrives, your cooling equipment will have already been primed for increased demand. Scheduling AC maintenance before summertime also means being able to avoid the seasonal rush for service that often leaves local HVAC companies temporarily overwhelmed.

AC units must be turned on during maintenance and inspection service. In winter, lubricants and oils within this equipment thicken and grow sluggish. They become increasingly less effective in their applications as temperatures drop. Scheduling AC maintenance when the weather is at its coldest can be incredibly hard on your cooling equipment. Thus, if you intend to schedule twice-yearly AC servicing, your second visit should be scheduled in early fall. In fall, your HVAC service provider can check for and mitigate any wear that your unit has sustained throughout the summer season.

Residents of Shawnee, Kansas and the surrounding areas can always count on Air Care Heating & Cooling for fast, friendly AC service. We offer heating and cooling system installation, repairs, and replacement. We also provide water heater installation and indoor air quality services. For detailed information on our HVAC preventative maintenance plans, call us now.

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